AB CryptoBox 702T HD
 Dear Sir / Madam, In Zagreb, Croatia, I purchased an AB CryptoBox 702T HD receiver. The seller claimed to have the receiver name the menus (interface) in Croatian – the device does not have this. The seller told me that the device also has a Youtube web service – not even that. He told me to download the latest version of the software and that I would have a Croatian interface and a Youtube application – of course, that didn\’t happen. I also received information from the seller that the device could also run \”.m3u\” files – I couldn\’t find a way anywhere. I have no other objections to the receiver – everything works fast, smooth, fluid – the HEVC image (h.265) is excellent.What should I do?. Do you have the opportunity to send me a firmware that has an upgrade for Croatian and Youtube. Thank you. Best regards.

Good day.
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